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The U.S. blockade of Cuba

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Sobre el Encuentro Mundial de Solidaridad con Cuba
From Intituto Cubano de Amistad con los Pueblos, 7 January 1995. Re US blockade.
From Granma's Interview with Ramsey Clark, The Starvation Weapon
A February 1995 interview of former Attorney General Ramsey Clark with Granma.
Sinn Fein Condemns US Embargo of Cuba
Article posted in IRL-NEWS and distributed by ACTIV-L, 14 March 1995.
Coalition of Black Trade Unionists Calls for an End to the U.S. Blockade of Cuba
Special to the People's Weekly World, 3 June 1995.
Blockade: An "economic neutron bomb"
By Antonio Paneque Brizuelas, in Granma International. An interview with Ramsey Clark (slighly abridged), 11 September 1995.
Dismantle blockade on Cuba
Statement of the National Board of the Communist Party USA, in People's Weekly World, 14 October 1995.
Another milestone for Cuba. Interview with Danilo Sanchez, Cuban trade unionist on his recent visit to Ireland
An Phoblacht/Republican News, 2 November 1995. In 1992 Cuba was successful in winning the support of the General Assembly for its call on the United States to end its embargo on trade and commerce with its tiny neighbour. Every year since, the blockade has come up for review at the assembly.
Governments oppose US anti-Cuba bill
By Jill Hickson, Green Left Weekly, 27 March 1996. The Clinton government has signed the Helms-Burton bill into law. The bill, escalates the US' 35-year war on Cuba, flouts international law and the regulations of the World Trade Organisation (WTO).
More on Helms-Burton U.S.; Violations of international law
From Ekkehard Jaenicke, 1 April 1996. Some of the major aspects of Washington's anti-Cuba Helms-Burton Law. The central role of the Bacardi corporation. Call for international action of a Bacardi boycott.
Cuba sanctions still at issue
NAFTA & Inter-American Trade Monitor, 20 September 1996. The Latin American and Caribbean nations of the Rio Group condemn the Helms-Burton law, which reinforces U.S. trade sanctions; the Inter-American Juridical Committee of the OAS determined that the law violates international legal standards; European Union foreign ministers told the European Commission to retaliate against the US for its implementation of the law.
Inhuman Cuban blockade has got to go!
By Rose and Emil Shaw, in People's Weekly World, 22 August 1997. Delegates returning from 14th World Festival of Youth and Students speak of the blockade.
U.S. report admits blockade of Cuba causes suffering, death
By Lyn Neeley, Workers World, 7 May 1998. The U.S.-based American Association for World Health study concluded that 37 years of sanctions have "dramatically harmed the health and nutrition of large numbers of ordinary Cuban citizens...caused a significant rise in suffering and deaths" and "wreaked havoc with the island's model primary health-care system."