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Date: 09 Feb 1995 14:06:59
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Subject: Translated Letter From Burma (DKBA)
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Translated Letter From Burma (DKBA)

From Sayadaw U Thu Za Na & Myae Kyi Ngu
2 January 1995

I just returned from the boarder area after spending 30 days talking to people as the KNU seemed to fall apart.

I photocopied and had translated a letter that was sent to the refugee camps asking Karen to return to Burma. Most of them ignored it. Well after the KNU explained what was happening fron their point of view.

Only 50 or so families left the camp near Mie Ta Wah.

The second piece is the Passcard issued when the families return to Burma.

I have more info on the background of the split that I will post shortly.


This letter was sent to all the Buddhist leaders in every Karen refugee camp on the Thai/ Burma boarder.

The following letter has been translated from Burmese script.

1995, January 2nd, Tuesday
Sayadaw writes this letter to you all.

The reason for this letter is to ask your help concerning the religious problems Thoo Moie Hta.

This letter is to be known to the Buddhist leaders in every camp, Baw Naw, Kway Ka Loe, Blaw Lu Kho, Mie Ta Rit, Ta Lor Thaw, Ka Mg Lay Kho, Mu Wah Kwee, Noh Boe, Beh Klor, Show Klo, Maung Ker and Kler Ko.

Weapons must be confiscated as quickly as possible from every Christian leader who settles in these camps. All Karen Buddhist refugee families can come to Burma by car from Mie Ta Wah camp freely to Pan An City. From Pan An City you will be sent to your own native village. There is a launch already prepared for anybody who will return. You willbe safe on your trip.

No Christians, only Karen Buddhist's are allowed to go. No Christian will be given safe passage. Do not let any hesitation or hindrance stop you from returning.

Time of peace in the Karen State has come.

Wish you all health and happiness
Sayadaw U Thu Za Na
Myae Kyi Ngu

The following are the rules for all those who return to Burma and are sent to live in the refugee camp at Thoo Moie Hta.

The 10 rules are printed on the back of the Pass card issued at Pan An City when they are photographed and registered. All people who live in the compound must carry the sign of the Monk. This is a piece of yellow rope.

The following has been translated from Burmese script. Rules for those who stay in the camp

1. To remain vegetarian forever inside and outside the camp.

2. No-one is to argue or cause trouble in the compound.

3. There is to be no division between races.

4. Everybody must keep the fifth commandment of the Gautama Buddha at all times. (Do not kill)

5. Do not gossip or use slander that will cause harm to anybody in the compound.

6. No political discussion or arguments are allowed to disturb the people in the compound.

7. No religion, apart from Buddhism is allowed to be discussed in the compound.

Those who can not cope with this discipline above are absolutely not allowed to settle in the compound.

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