Links for the Taino and other
Caribbean Arawak-speaking peoples

 Pagina De Los Tainos De Puerto Rico. This page by a major ISP on Boriken has links to the three IRC Taino chat rooms, a hosting "Batey" chat room, links, a messaging database and other features.
 Centro Ceremonial Indígena de Tibes; Tibes Indian Ceremonial Center in Barrio Tibes, Ponce, Puerto Rico. This bilingual page offers information and images related to the Taino.
 The Taino Expedition. Reclaiming a Civilization's place in history. A nicely done exhibit of artifacts.
 Oliver McBryan's Taino Page supports a utility that captures text content from Hummingbird BBS.
 The Dictionary of the Spoken Taino Language. This new dictionary is in Taino, Spanish and English.
 Conociendo Nuestras Raíces. An attractive site for Taino in Boriken, including a history and photos of Tibes ceremonial center. In Spanish.
 Jose Pedreira's Taino web page is a collection of texts in English and Spanish related to Taino history and culture. Has links, a text on culture, texts on mythology, a history, and a Taino dictionary.
 Taíno - Pre-Colombian art and culture from the Caribbean. This attractive site is maintained El Museo del Barrio, in New York City, is in effect, an illustrated set of texts for history and culture, and also provides information about the exhibits. Not an on-line museum, however.
 Ozzie Blasini's Taino Indian Museum has pictures of Taino artifacts or reproductions. We do not under any circumstance support the selling of any of our sacred Taino images or objects. The link is for the sole purpose of giving our Taino communities an opportunity to view some of our beautiful Pre-Columbian Sacred Taino objects.
 NativeNet: Articles about the Taino people from Native-L
 "Aji Aya Bombe!"(Better dead than a slave). A statement by Elder Pedro Guanikeyu Torres of the Jatibonicu Tribe of South Jersey and other documents related to the Taino.
 Julia Yulmar's Sentimento Isleño. An encounter with the environmental root of Borikén. This is an educational project, in both Spanish and English.
 Illustrations of Taino artifacts done by Ysabel Arvelo for the book, History of Santo Domingo 3,000 A.C.-1586 by historian Jackelyn Arvelo.
 The Before Columbus page of Earthwatch has a text relevant to Taino archaeology.
 Settlements at Time of European Contact. describes the Native American peoples of Florida and includes a map showing the location of the Taino Timucua Tribe of North Florida agriculturalists.
 Museo di Storia Naturale Medicean Collection displays a Taino tray and sacred shell necklace.
 Caribbean History is an FTP download utility for a couple of articles from NativeNet on Columbus.
 The Carib Indian Relief Project (CIRP) provides hurricane relief for indigenous people of Dominica. There is also information on Carib Indians.
 P.E.E.L. Earth Friendly General Store.
 Anani's Taino Page. She is keeper of the Earth and of Taino culture.
 The Tekesta Indians of South Bimini (Florida). Their history and archaeology, including the Miami Circle.
 The Timucua Indians of North Bimini (Florida). A description of their culture.

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