Documents of Taino history and culture

A collection of documents, both text and photographic, to illustrate Taino history and culture. Contributions would be appreciated.

 The Taino FAQ. The FAQ will be updated periodically.
 The original names of the islands of the Carribean and West Indies.
 Jack Weatherford, Examining the reputation of Christopher Columbus. The impact of Columbus upon the Taino nation.
 Matt Crenson, Lost city of people who greeted Columbus found (Associated Press article of 28 March, 1997).
 Chief Petro Guanikeyu Torres, The historic roots of a nation.
 The Cemi is a three-pointed symbol carved in stone that is central to Taino history and culture.
 A short history of the Taino Jatibonicu Tribe of New Jersey.
 A Gallery of Taino Images
 A selection of Taino myths.
The sound of the little coqui, found only in Boriken, recalls for the Taino people the cries of lost children waiting for their mother's return. If you take them from Boriken (Puerto Rico), they surely die. You can hear them sing their night song along the river's edge.  [The coqui]
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 World History Archives: Native Americans of Amazonia and the Caribbean.
 Lost city of people who greeted Columbus found. Article on the discovery of the remains of a Taino city of thousands, ca. 1500, in the eastern Dominican Republic.

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