A call for Taino national unity

from the great grandson of Chief Orocobix,
and tribal Elder of the District of Jatibonico

This vision I would like to share with you my people!

Sometimes when I awake in the morning, I jump out of my petate (Taino bed) in a cold sweat while shaking as a leaf! The reason is because my people are being driven to a sure slow death. This slow death is the hate eating away at the very foundation of what it is to be called Taino and a human being. The gentle love our Grandfathers gave us in their legacy of trusting one another as a loving Taino (good) family is now in deep jeopardy.

The so-called self proclaimed leaders of our little Taino Nation, as they seem to boldly call themselves, have wrongfully planted the seeds of social despair, disharmony and hate into our minds. This brings a sadness upon my heart that the Maboya (the Great Evil) sent this sadness upon our gentle family.

I have honestly learned by my foolish mistake of trusting these spiritually unfit, rattle shaking, self proclaimed leaders of the so-called Taino Nation in the United States. It seems that the foolish trickster truly has a split tongue. These false ones also carry a split tongue. They go around telling childish lies to the Taino people in Puerto Rico and in the United States, that they are the sole leaders of our gentle Taino Nation. They start planting flags by creating a false image of themselves as the owners of a Nation that is inherent to all the Taino people via birth right.

A true cacique (chief) must be a spiritually clean person, who is endowed by the Creator. The old spiritual leaders of the Taino people have been truly dishonored by these power-hungry tricksters, the prophets of doom. It is clear in my mind after speaking with some of the other Island Elders in Boriken who are the true spiritual leaders of the people. The Taino Indigenous Movement and its General Council of Aracoels (grandfathers) in Boriken are wise to these so-called leaders of disunity.

We are honestly humbly compelled by Yaya (the Creator) to speak out and sound the aguamobagua (the sea trumpet) to expose these false, slithering, arrogant so-called Taino leaders of this colonial United States-based organization. The newly unknowing Taino children who have emerged and are spiritually reemerging after a 500 year sleep, to rejoining their ancient family circle of the once fallen Taino Nation must be warned. I ask my humble people this question? Do you truly think these arrogant plastic colonial Wantobe Tainos who go around planting these seeds of hateful bitter disharmony and racial prejudice, of pitting Taino brother against Taino sister because they do not fit the image of a 100% looking Taino? Are these people truly spiritually in tune with Yocahu Bagua Maorocoti (after the great world flood, the newer name for the Creator)? I would tend to agree with the clean thoughts of our honest spiritually enlightened humble gentle Island Taino Elders aracoels (grandfathers), that say "they are nothing, just dust in the wind do not bother with these childish ones. Leave them alone for in time they will disappear."

We, the Taino people of the Southern Jersey Tribe of Jatibonicu and Taino Council of Jatibonico in Boriken (Puerto Rico), do not agree with these self-proclaimed phonies! These tricksters in the United States are the disharmony causers who must be stopped by our Colibri (hummingbird) Rainbow Warriors! What I ask is that you not listen to my words, but surely listen to the wind, the beating of the gentle softness in your hearts. Those good U.S. Taino leaders that may be reading this article know of whom we are referring to without calling out any names as they have done, in the past publicly humiliating me (a peacemaker). I will never walk in their dishonorable footsteps, for to do this would be to dishonor the memory of our ancestors. In time the peace loving Taino people via divine guidance of Yaya (The Creator), will see the truth of what has been spoken and the spiritual forewarning of my revered arocoels (grandfathers).

My greatest of grandfathers, Chief Orocobix, who resides in the old ancestral Coaibey (the Underworld), has spiritually guided me from childbirth. In the morning hours he speaks to me in visions. He compels me, through his spiritual council, to help the people. "Guaili (boy), sound the aguamobagua (sea trumpet) to the four directions of humanity," justly forewarning our people of impending dangers befalling the children of the New Rainbow (speaking of the New World Taino generation, not of the New Age Rainbow). He is asking that his gentle children open their eyes. "The one that we know was a waib (traditional old Carib enemy) will be revealed to you, for he who is a clown and will shake an unclean rattle. Yaya will never look upon him with grace, for he is the trickster. The one who corrupted the very thoughts of the ancient Lords of the Mejica and the Sacred Lords of Shebalba, who did foolishly offer their hearts in dying love to the Creator!" I share these thoughts with all my relatives, of our aracoel (grandfather), Chief Orocobix, my past sacred visions (my own opinion as spiritual apprentice bohiti (shaman). What was meant by the spiritual offering of your heart to the Creator's light of the rising sunrays, was to give your undying passionate love to the Creator. We must call the Taino Nation to spiritual unity to break the Boa Snake coils of death.

This is the vision, a vision of peaceful unity.

The words of a foolish gray haired old man.
"Like a prowling Jaguar I will walk these Hills"

Elder Pedro Guanikeyu Torres
The Taino Tribal Council
Southern NJ Tribe of Jatibonicu

© Copyright 1996, Taino Tribal Council

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